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Our Printed Circuit Board & Flexible Circuit Services:

Our services include Printed Circuit Design & Manufacturing of quick turn and production quantities of flexible printed circuits, multi-layer rigid-flex circuits, printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Quick Turn Flexible Circuits:

  Small Lots up to 10,000 pieces. (Depending on complexity)
  Proto-types in less than 3 days. (Depending on complexity)
  Quick Turn 48 hours or less. (Depending on complexity)

Application Consulting:

  Quoting backup for proposals
  Technical information

  Mechanical (concept layouts, etc.)
  Electrical (impedance and conductor width calculations, etc.)

  Flexible Printed Circuits, Types 1,2,3,4,5 and Sculptured.
  Printed Wiring Boards (PWB), Types 1,2 and 3.

Design and Layout:

  MIL-P-50884, MIL-STD-2118, MIL-P-55110, MIL-STD-275, IPC-6012,
      IPC-6013, etc

  Designs with or without the mechanical perimeter already specified.
  Designs with or without electrical trace information already defined.


  CAD generated film masters with coupons.
  Electronic Media.
  CAD digitizing and scanning of OEM supplied artworks for producability
      evaluation and modifications.
  Laser photoplotted film masters with resolutions down to .000125"
  Tolerance and problem analysis:

  Pad to hole ratios, edge distance, conductor spacing, etc
  Full Design Rule Checks (DRC).

Documentation Drawings:

  Military Grade: DOD-D-1000, Levels 1,2 and 3.
  Commercial Grade: ANSI/IPC, etc


  Prototype composite set-up and film (or glass masters).
  Production composite set and film (or glass masters).
  Tooling artworks and/or die drawings.

NC Drill / Rout Data:

   Drill and Rout path coordinates for single or multiple image set ups.

Electrical Test Data:

  X,Y coordinates, signal names, connector numbers, etc, ASCII data files
      (IPC - 356 Format).


  Outline and coverlay steel rule dies (SRD's)
  Hard Tooling.
  Wave Solder Fixturing
  Assembly Tooling
   Electrical Test Fixtures


   Dedicated FTP Site

Software Interface Support:

  Gerber, DXF, IGES, STP and many more.
  Infinite Graphics IGI-2100, Proflex and more.
   PADS, CAM350
AutoCad, KeyCreator



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